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Movin’ on up


With the family gone, I needed something to occupy my time so I decided to move to the resort, Harbor Village, across the street. I had a friend, Pyal, who lived there who said a couple places were opening up. The places were small one bedrooms where the living room was also the kitchen. But being alone, I really did not need much space. The price was $600/month which was only $50 more per month than what I was currently paying. My current place was a large bedroom in the Portobello complex which was across the street from the ocean. It had a swamp view and swamp smell if the wind was blowing the wrong way. It had a full kitchen, roomy living room, and large bedroom. The main problem was that it did not have glass windows.Shifting It reminded me on a place in India, where I have no desire living. The window had a screen that did not make a complete seal, with safety bars on the outside. To block wind and light, it had wood shutters that did not make a seal. The mosquitoes came in at their leisure.

Pyal, who knew the the manager of Harbor Village, convinced the manager to allow me, a student, to have one of the 2 opening apartments. I was excited. I was moving to glass windows, and hot water showers.

Departure Day



I dreaded the day Hibah and Tannu were going to leave. We had a birthday party for Hibah at a restaurant called the Garden Cafe that served Middle Eastern food on Saturday. It was mainly all students in my school and some University staff. The closest person to Hibah‘s age was a 12 year old that was one of the the staff member’s sister. It was fun and sad, knowing this was the next to last day with Hibah and Tannu. The owner of this restaurant claims to be the Santa Claus that Coca Cola uses for their ads. He has posters of Coca Cola Christmas ads that look like they are pictures of him. It’s hard to know for sure but he appears to be the actual Santa Claus. Who know that Santa Claus has one home on the North Pole and one close to the equator. The party ended and we got dropped off.

Monday morning arrived quicker than I could imagine. The cabby was on time and I picked Hibah up for the last time. She was sleeping so she had no idea what was going on. She woke up as I was putting her in the cab and I was crying like a little baby. This would be the longest I have spent without her. The previous longest was about 1.5 weeks when Tannu and Hibah stayed in India longer than I did. I kissed Tannu goodbye and waived them off. It was depressing. I had class that day so at least I had some temporary distractions. I was pretty depressed for a couple days. I would see them in December but what if Hibah forgot who I was.

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