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Mid Semester MD 1


Saif cleaning homeSchool is good, overwhelming for sure; lots to learn. I feel dumber and smarter. The island is peaceful. I snorkeled to school today. Normally, I ride my bike. It took about an hour to get to school. My roommate decided to skip class in the morning and forgot I snorkeled as he was supposed to bring my glasses and computer and dry clothes so I sat in class all wet and unable to see. It was funny (I have prescription goggles for snorkeling).

The snorkeling is amazing and the diving is supposed to be better I just haven’t gone yet. It is like swimming in a luke warm bathtub in terms of clarity with so many fish; it is amazing.




Here is how my weekend has gone:

It was an eventful day on Friday. I studied a little in the morning. Couldn’t find a ride to Friday prayers so I took a cab.

Went to class for 4 hours then played in a ping pong tournament. Lost in the semis. My semi-final match was interrupted a few times because somebody lost their wallet . I ended up eventually losing. I was supposed to go to dinner with a few of the school staff for a birthday at 8pm but since somebody stole one of the students wallets during the ping pong tourney, we were at school until 9pm and I went to the police station and we left at 9:30. The birthday girl left because she said her mother was expecting her home at 9:30pm (she is 29 years old) so I went out to eat with a couple other people at a Mexican place in front of the school. It is owned by a Texan family. We ate for a couple hours and then I went home.


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