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Make Goals

Make Goals

It is important to set goals in life whether they be yearly, weekly, quarterly or in my case, by semester. I believe in goals that are achievable and often times of no significance. No foolish goals of losing XX number of pounds. I want to do these things but I see no need for setting goals for these things. For instance, last semester (September to December 2007), I went from 170 something pounds to 155 lbs mainly from biking everywhere, doing push-ups and because it is hot, I eat less. Plus, my roommate, Neil, is a good cook and is very health conscious so he cooks healthy meals.


For this semester I have set the following goals:

1. I want to ace of my exams. I have 3 difficult classes so this will be tough

2. I want to get my roommate to dance in my presence without a group. I have tried to get him to dance to the humpty dance and walk like an egyptian but he refuses. This might be the toughest goal.



Pretty uneventful day except for 3 things:

1. Took a shower, which I do daily, in case there are any doubts. In my half awake state, I brought a clean shirt and socks instead of underwear into the bathroom. After the shower, I went to grab the shirt of our washing maching.three things

I hesitate to call this maching a washing machine and am not sure why they create these machines apart from its portability. It needs a water source and a place to drain but has two compartments, one which agitates and one that spins similar to the the spinner you see in gyms for your swim trunks. Seems like it would be easier to have a one compartment washing machine.

I hit the ball of socks straight into the toilet. Of course, our toilet is not the cleanest. I fished it out and rinsed it off. I haven’t decided if I am going to throw them away or clean them.


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