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The Story Behind The Name Tanya



We wanted a name that is easy to pronounce and also a Muslim name. 2 syllables or less is my criteria. Tanya fits the bill. It has various meanings and origins. First off it is pronounced “Ton” that rhymes with “gone” and “ya” that rhymes with “fu”n or another way of looking at it is that there is a hard T at the beginning followed by a soft o sound. The start of the name is the part most people foul up by either making it a Th sound instead of a hard T and or following it with a soft a sound instead of an o sound. (more…)

Tanya’s 2nd Day of Life with the Family


Big sister Hibah holds her little sister Tanya

Big sister Hibah holds her little sister Tanya for the first time. Day 2 and 3 were spent in the hospital as mom went through the normal hospital recovery along side Tanya.

Everyone remained healthy and happy and waited patiently until the doctors gave us the approval to take Tanya home. (more…)

The Birth of Tanya


Tanya Fatteh was born on December 22, 2008 at Ingham Regional Medical Center. She is healthy and lively. She was born about one month early similar to her big sister Hibah, at measured in at 18.75″ and 5 3/4 lbs. Tanya took birth

Both mother and Tanya are doing well and will spend the next couple days in the hospital for normal delivery recovery. (more…)

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