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Reverse Into Parking


When I park in the parking garage at work I come across a daily occurrence that irritates me; people backing into their parking spot.

First off, I am bothered by the inconsiderate nature of the chore because they are wasting my time as I have to wait for them to pull past the spot and then slowly reverse, often repeating it a couple times, into the spot. Obviously they think their time and convenience is more important than mine.

Into Parking

Parking Spot / Garage


Free Galaxy SIII mini through Verizon even if you are not eligible for an upgrade


So I broke my phone after dropping it on cement. I had a Samsung Galaxy III and I had only had it for a couple months after I was eligible for a free upgrade and thereby extended my contract for 2 years. I initially called Verizon and told them I have been a customer for over 10 years and have never asked for a favor so I asked for 2 phones since my wife dropped hers as well. They said no. I was getting quoted about $300 per phone by outside services to fix the screen and digitizer since the screen was broken, not visible and does not recognize touch. I was back on my Droid 3 which I like because it has a keyboard but the problem is that it is stuck with very dim lighting. Eventually, the light gave out altogether so I cannot see anything on the screen unless it is pitch dark.


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