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Things to Do in Bonaire


Here is a list of 59 things to do in Bonaire. Some are dumb and not really things to do.

I am not sure why the list includes 59 things instead of 50 because some are a stretch. The highlighted ones are ones I have done. If you are visiting Bonaire you are likely going for the diving. If you are going for any other reason, you need to at least try snorkeling. It is amazing there with the bathtub like water.

Things to Do in Bonaire (more…)

List of Things that Left on Tennessee Vacation in Pigeon Forge


Here is a list of places I had on my list of possibilities for Pigeon Forge but ultimately we decided not to do them:

1. Wonders of Magic Show
100 Music Road
Pigeon Forge TN
Phone: (865) 868-1800
Price: $15 per person
Times: 5:30 and 8pm

We went to Wonder Works which is a MUST visit but we did not feel like going to this. We did go to the connected free magic museum

2. Parrot Gardens
1471 McCarter Hollow Road
Pigeon Forge TN
Phone: 800-356-1676
Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge

Mixed reviews. Apparently it is quite expensive for what you see. Although we were trying not to consider expense while traveling and just trying to go to things we would enjoy. Ultimately, we figured we had seen enough parrots at other venues where we did not need this specific location.

3. Titanic Museum Exhibit
3849 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN
(800) 381-7670

This is an impressive building from the outside as it is a replica of the Titanic. We had been to a similar exhibit in Atlanta a couple years ago. We figured this was a traveling exhibit and would see the same things so we passed. It is worth seeing once somewhere.

WonderWorks Pigeon Ford


wonderworks pigeon ford is simply wow. This was a low expectation stop in the late afternoon. We had seen the cheezy upside down building as we drove by it multiple times to get to other places and figured we would give it a try. We figured if it stunk, we could go to the Wonders of Magic show. For the five of us (2 adults, 3 children), the total cost of entry was $93.11. In hindsight, this was a great deal. Parking was easy, as it has its own lot.


wonderworks pigeon ford



Dollywood Here We Come July 9 2014


I bought our tickets in advance. The e-tickets said I needed to print them out however they were able to scan the barcode from my phone without any problem. I had looked at the dollywood map the day before so i was somewhat familiar with the layout. I intentionally picked a Wednesday for several reasons:



1. The middle of the week tends to have the lowest crowds since it is too early for a long weekend and too late for an extended weekend
2. We had walked a lot on Monday in the Smokey Mountains so I wanted to give my kids a chance on Tuesday to recover before all the walking at Dollywood
3. There was a forecast for intermittent rain showers that day although it would be around 90 degrees. I figured this would keep the crowds even lower and cool us off.


Oak Ridge TN area 7/5/14


Checked out the hotel at the Hampton Inn Oak Ridge (TN). Check in and check out was easy. We ate a leisurely breakfast. 1/2 the Craft family left early for Julianna’s tennis match so we had breakfast with Adrianna and Sophia. The lady in the eating area was extremely nice and made sure we got plenty of food even though they were about to close it. The pool and fitness center were under renovations but we knew that going in. Very clean and very helpful staff. I highly recommend it.

We headed over to the the American Museum of Science and Energy which was fortunately open on a Saturday on a holiday weekend. This was like a standard city children’s museum on warp drive. Lots of hands on activities. Educational for the adults and for Hibah (9y old). The younger two just played with the activities and had no interest in a formal education. There was also a cool demonstration on electricity where volunteers could come up and have visible electricity pass through them. We spent a couple hours there and then got lunch. The best part was that it was free with our museum reciprocal membership.


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