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Marriott Buffalo Niagara


Amherst, New York on Jun 12, 2015 to Jun 13, 2015

A hotwire purchase. My requirements as always are free parking and an indoor pool and boy did we strike gold. Free breakfast is a bonus and this place did not have it. This was a great stay at a great price. The pool was an awesome indoor outdoor pool. The parking was more than abundant. Check in was easy and fast. The only scary part was that there was lots of security. My thoughts on security is that it is always great to have but always make me fearful that it is out of necessity. We strolled in around 10:30pm and from what we could tell it appeared to be a good area. The front desk staff assured me it was just precauationary and not out of necessity.

Marriott Buffalo Niagara

The room was spacious and the kids loved it. It looked new. The kids slept well and there was no noise at night. There were a couple conferences going on during the day but they were not a bother. The pool was the gem. It was not too cold which is what I always hope for. As much as a free breakfast is nice, we had planned on Paula’s donuts for breakfast anyhow so it was not a total loss. The pool had plenty of towels and not many people so we were able to play without worrying about distracting other people. Checkout was a breeze and we were on our way.

Started the morning with breakfast in the hotel


Breakfast: Surpringly there was no fruit so I ate bagels. The breakfast is adequate but for a La Quinta, I expect more. The most annoying part is that they only have a standard size styrofoam cup so you cannot get much coffee at one time. We headed out by 9am

Off to the Boston Science Museum. Parking was easy although it was unclear how much parking was. Getting into parking was unnecessarily confusing. The signs says to get a ticket but it takes your credit card and never gives you a ticket.

We walked in an with our local museum membership, we got 4 free tickets which means we only had to pay $20 for one child membership. This saved us $86. The membership cost us $125 so we have about $39 to makeup to get hour Impression 5 museum membership for free.

We quickly stumbled on a live animal show at 10: 30 and stuck around. It was entertaining and an appropriate length at only about 20 minutes. We got to see a screaming hairy armadillo. We overhead a family talking about the electricity show so we scrambled over and found a spot on the floor at 11am. Fortunately this was also only 20 minutes and was also entertaining.

breakfast in the hotel

Kids were hungry so we went to the Riverview Cafe and got some lunch. The menu was pretty extensive and the prices were on par for many museums. After lunch, we saw the main exhibits. It took us until about 4pm. Some were not entertaining but most of them kept our 6, 7 and 10 year old entertained.

So we got to the museum around 10am and left at 4pm. It took longer than we thought but the kids had fun. We did not buy any extras since the 4D movie is only 15 minutes and we have a butterfly garden at Michigan State University that you cannot beat.

As we left the parking garage, it asked for a ticket so we went to the lane with the attendant. The attendant said to just use the credit card again. I am worried i paid twice for parking, we will find out.

From there I took a convuluted rout to get to the USS Constition since that is one of the 2 places on the Freedom trail we had not seen. I missed a turn and it was during rush hour so it about 30 minutes to get there. I dropped the family off and easily found street parking. It took about 45 minutes to see the boat and museum. Museum entry is by a suggested donation so you do not have to pay if you do not want to.

From there, the wife wanted to see China town and traffic at around 6pm was miserable. We did not move. Even though Chinatown was only about 3 miles from us, it took about 1hr to get there. Then parking was not easy so that took another 10 minutes. We finally parked at around 7pm. The Boston Chinatown was not very entertaining and not worth the visit. Since it was a little past 8pm, traffic was light. We picked up some BK on the way and headed back to the La Quinta in Andover and to watch game 3 of the NBA finals

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