So after our miscalculation, we finally ended up in Gulf Shores! The first thing the kids asked was to get the hotel room so they can go swimming! Bad news kids, we dont have a room. Now there were rooms available a few streets off the beach but we made it this far so at this point we were getting a place on the beach. We stopped a the tourist center and got flyers for properties. So we made a left onto the beach road and I drove into each property while Tara called places. After getting rejected at a few places, we struck gold. One guy said they had a cancellation so they have a 3 bedroom condo for rent for 5 days. The price was not great but it was available. I also tried getting a few places on on and similar sites but those sites are not designed well for finding places right away.Gulf Shores

Exhausted, we took the place which included parking in a garage, and a heated indoor outdoor pool. No free breakfast but it did have a full kitchen and a balcony over the beach. (more…)